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Exhibition Center's History

Kozani in 2000 welcomed the "Exhibition Center of Kozani", which hosts events for all Western Macedonia. The creation of our organization came on an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kozani. Its goal was mainly to promote local business activities. Whithin this objective the Exhibition Center was given the oportunity to continue and evolve the first and largest fare of the reginon, the "Trade-Craft and Agricultural Exhibition of Western Macedonia", organized since 1983.

The creation of the exhibition center is the culmination of a rich and successful exhibition activity of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kozani. The need of a more organized continuity of this process involving the creation of the Center, contributed in the creation of the regional Economic Fund and the Prefecture of Kozani

The goal of it's creation is:

  • the management of all the facilities inside the area of the Exhibition Center
  • improving conditions of promoting and marketing local products,
  • the creation of a convention center
  • the organization, operation and management of a multi-purpose space that can serve a wide range of economic and cultural activities

The exhibition Center is settled in CCIK's buildings, in Kila, Kozani, Greece.

The available space is 20.000 sq.m. and it is where the facility of the Center is based. They include the main Exhibition building of 4.000 sq.m. and the management offices.

Shareholders of the Center are:
the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Kozani, the Western Macedonia Economic Fund, the Prefecture of Kozani, the Municipal of Kozani, the Western Macedonia GEOTE, the Balkan Cooperation Center.

Alongside the trade fair events, the center has spaces for conferences,commercial,sientific or other type of events

Until today the exhibition Center has Organized:

  • 13 times the annual trade - craft and agricultural Exhibition of Western Macedonia
  • 4 times the Car exhibition «Troxos»
  • 9 times the Floral Exhibition
  • once the Seasional Christmas Exhibition
  • A number of events organized by the Center while it also participated in humanitarian movements.
  • Participation in organizing humanitarian aid to sufferers.

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